The Brindavana Pravesha of Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertharu  and The Final Address of Sri Raghavendrateertharu To his Devotees


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pUjyAya rAghavendrAya satyadharmaratAya chabhajatAM kalpavR^ixAya namatAM kAmadhenavedurvAdidhvAntaravaye vaishhNavIndIvarIndaveshrI rAghavendragurave namo.atyantadayALuve

 (I worship as the Kalpa-vrksha, and salute as the kAmadhenu the esteemed RaghavEndra who is always engrossed in the true dharma;. He is a brilliant sun who destroys the false arguer, and a   moon that casts a mellow light upon the ViShNu bhaktas; salutations to that Guru ShrI RAghavEndra; salutations to the one of extremely kind disposition.)


Sri Raghavendrateertharu lived in Kumbhakonam on the sacred bank of Kaveri, the center of creativity, divinity of our great Sri Vijayeendrateertharu and Sri Sudheendrateertharu. Bhuvanagiri, Kumbhakonam, Tanjore ( previously called as Tanjapura) were the Holy places where our Adhi Daiva Sri Raghavendrateertharu, a great Sri Hari Bhakta who has upheld the noble philosophy of our Sri Madhwacharyaru, composed books, held abundant religious discourses. During the debate Vaada Gururaya did not hurt the feelings of others nor insulted any body. On the contrary the defeated personalities in Vaada had become the true beloved shishyas of Rayaru and had accepted the suzerainty of SriManNarayana – Sri Vishnu – Sri Hari and the greatness of Sri Vayudevaru. After travelling a lot during Sanchara the most merciful kind Sri Raghavendrateertharu thought that Manchali – Mantralaya is the best and the most holy place to stay for a long period
of seven hundred years through Yoga and to indulge in Tapa of Sri Hari. As Rayaru knew the importance of Manchali. Thinking all this Sri Raghavendrateertharu sent a message to his beloved Bhakta Diwan Venkannapant that he is coming to Adoni along with his VidyaMutt paraphernalia from Kumbhakonam.

The joy and the happiness of Diwan Venkanna cannot be described in words. He was simply anxiously waiting to be surrendered to the sacred feet of Rayau. Nawab SiddiMasood khan was highly impressed by the noble and the divine personality of our Gururayaru and presented Manchali. Diwan Venkanna tried his level best and succeeded in handing over Manchali to Rayaru.

Ever since Sri Raghavendrateertharu came to Mantralaya a new era of devotion has begun. Visited the sacred near by places from Adoni and came into contact with Sri Appanacharya a great devotee, gnyani,chaturveda Pandit and who was running a Gurukula in Bhikshaalaya – Bichali at the Japadakatti. Sri Appanacharya did not allow our Gururaya to go from Bichali and requested Rayaru to stay in Bichali for a long period. Rayaru liked very much the kind selfless seva of Appanacharya and stayed for thirteen years in Bichali. Residing in Bichali asked Diwan Venkanna to set up the Brahmin houses and all the arrangements for the Brindavana. The knowledge, affection, devotion, sincerity and the faith of Sri Appanacharya towards Rayaru cannot be described in words. As the days passed on they both became close and thick friends. The relationship of Sri Raghavendrateertha and Sri Appanacharya was like the mother and the child, showered abundant affection
to this great personality. The friendship of Guru and Shishya is a model to this universe.

Bichali situated on the sacred bank of Tungabhadra became very dear and near to Sri Raghavendrateertha.Aparokshagnyani knew the importance of Japadakatti in Bichali and spent the major time of the day there only and stayed in Bichali along with Appanacharya. Rayaru was residing in the house of Sri Appanacharya, the most affectionate soothing massage of legs by Appanacharya in the house and the offering of the delicious dishes Appi Paayasa and Dal chatni by Appanacharya Rayaru liked very much and has no words to express the satisfaction and the contentment he attained in Bichali. But as the days passed on Rayaru came to know that he should disappear from this world and sit in Brindavana in the Japa of Sri Hari. The first work Rayaru did was the dismantling of the snake bill which was in the back yard of Appanacharya’ house. A snake - serpent was daily accepting the milk offered by Rayaru after the pooja of Sri Moola Ramadevaru. Serpent
was in the snake bill. Rayaru prayed to Sri Sheshadevaru and dismantled the snake bill, this made Sri Appanacharya to think more, why his Guru has dismantled the snake bill when Sri Sheshadevaru was daily coming from that and drinking the milk. Rayaru thought that the people will be frightened to see the serpent after his going from this place. So dismantled the snake bill. Please see what an amount of care and concern our Rayaru is having towards his devotees.

It is quite interesting to know that Diwan Venkanna and the Nawab of Adoni Siddimasoodkhan from Adoni came to Manchali. They have to cross the river Tungabhadra in Manchali. So from Manchali by boat (Harigolu – Naada Doni we say in kannada) they reached Chikka Manchali via Gaanadhal Panchamukhi arrived to Bichali and took the darshana of Rayaru.Venkanna detailed the progress about the construction of Brahmin houses and the temple of Rayaru’s Kulaswami Lord Sri Venkateshwara in Manchali. Rayaru decided the day and date of Brindavana pravesha but did not reveal because of Appanacharya. On the contrary asked Appanacharya to go for Madhwa Sanchara. Obeyed the order of his Guru and was thinking that why Rayaru is sending me alone when others are there. Purposely sent Appanacharya as he could not tolerate the scene of entering the Brindavana and more over he will not allow to enter the Brindavana, as Appanacharya completely knew the great
personality of Rayaru. So after the departure of Appanachary, Rayaru left Bichali and went to Mantralaya and stayed in the Sri Venkateshwara Temple.

Called Diwan Venkanna and Rayaru asked him to announce the day and the date of Brindavana Pravesha to the devotees i.e. Shraavana Bahula Bidige(Dwiteeya), Friday Shaalivahana shaka 1593 Virodhikrutnaama Samavatsara August 11th.1671 AD. Called all the near and the dears from Kumbhkonam and Madhurai. Decided to make his successor Sri Venkannacharya , the grandson of Sri Gururajacharya, the elder brother of Rayaru’s poorvashrama and the son of Venkatanarayanacharya.

Named as SriYogeendrateertharu. Rayaru said this is the sankalpa and the will of Sri Hari. As per the traditional rituals Sri Yogeendrateertharu was sworn in as the successor of Sri Raghavendrateertharu.Sri Raghavendrateertharu and Sri Yogeendrateertharu both stayed in the Temple of Sri Venkateshwara in Manchali to observe the most sacred Chaturmaasa.

With Devotion Rayaru prayed and praised Sri Manchalemma:


TamBrhamanaamTamrushimTam Sumedhaam

Devi was highly pleased and Blessed Rayaru and asked him to stay here only as she was the Kuladevata of Sri Prahladarajaru.

Sri Raghavendrateertharu and Diwan Venkanna together walked on bank of the Tungabhadra and showed the Holy and the Siddhi Place, where Rayaru is going to settle there for seven hundred years. Asked the shishyas to dig there, they found the Yagna Kunda there. Rayaru said this the Yaaga was performed in the Prahlada Avatara, Here on this spot only Sri Vibhudendrateertharu the pioneer and the founder of Vidya Mutt Rayara Mutt.performed the Tapasya. So Rayaru asked Venkanna to construct a Garbhaalaya on the Yaaga Kunda, the size of the Garbhaalaya should be 6x6, on Friday Shraavana Bahula Dwiteeya I will sit Chanting OM Sri Hari Om and you have to drag the slab consisting of Koormaasana. Then install the Brindavana, do the pratishthaapana with seven hundred Laxminarayana Saaligraamas in the Brindavana and place a silver square plate and then fill the Mruttika. First Diwan Venkanna prepared a Brindavana for Rayaru, but Rayaru did not accept
the Brindavana and said let it be here .It will be for the next yatis. Sri Raghavendrateertharu desired to go to Madhavaram and asked Venkanna to accompany. After going there Rayaru pointed out a particular stone and said this stone is required for my Brindavana, please use this. As Sri Ramachandra and Laxmana have sat on this stone during the Vanavaasa. Venkanna agreed and within no time arranged the whole thing. Perhaps this is the Last Sanchara of our Sri RaghavendrateerthaGurusarvabhoumaru Remembering this our eyes fill with tears.

As already announced Diwan Venkanna the day and the date of Brindavana Pravesha to the devotees of the world: Shraavana Bahula Dwiteeya Friday Shaalivaahana Shake 1593, Virodhikrutnaama Samavatsara i.e. August 11th.1671, the devotees and sajjanas rushed to Mantralaya, they came in streams and streams. On Thursday Shraavana Bahula Pratipada Rayaru performed the Pooja of Sri Moola Ramadevarau, held discussions pertaining to the Acharya Tatva had bhikshaa. Rayaru was quite happy, never perturbed. On the contrary gave all the instructions of the next day of Brindavana Pravesha.

Early morning of Shraavana Bahula Bidige i.e Dwiteeya Rayaru woke up at the Brahmi Muhurta performed the Aahneeka, Japa, Namaskara to Sri MoolaRamadevaru, Mangalarati to Kulaswami Sri Srinivasa,Tulasi Vandana, Go Vatsa pooja Go graasa Paatha Pravachana to the shishyas. Though it was too early morning large number of Devotees,Pandits,Scholars,Saints,all dignitaries from all walks of life gathered there. They were amazed to see the Divya Kalaa, the glittering and the shining bliss of Rayaru.

All the relatives, Shreepadaputra Sri Laxminarayanacharya, nephew Sri Narayanacharya, devotees,Diwan Venkanna were filled with grief, tears rolling from their eyes.Venkanna told Gurudeva everything is ready as per your Aadesha.Holding the hand of Sri Yogeendrateertharu Rayaru came out of Sri Venkateshwara Temple, Already the elephant of the Mutt Maahendra was waiting before the temple. Rayaru holding Danda Kamandalu Pooja Pettige of Aaraadhya Sri Moola Ramadevaru sat on the elephant,decorated with golden Ambaari. Thousands were shouting :

Rajadhiraja Paramahamsa Yatisarvabhouma Gurusarvabhouma Sri MadRaghavendrateertha KarunaaSamudra Ughe Ughe Jaya Jaya.

The procession paased through the main gate (agasi) and the chaavadi of Manchali. Various types of Vaadyas, musical instruments were playing, Dasas were singing. But the atmosphere was completely grief striken. The procession concluded on the bank of Tungabhadra near the Garbhaalaya. Opposite of Garbhaalaya already Sri Praandevaru was ready for installation by the successor of Rayaru Sri Yogeendrateertharu. Owing to the Shraavanmaasa Tungabhadra was flowing in full spate touching the bank on both the sides. Even the river Tungabhadra also joined with deep sorrow of the devotees in Mantralaya. A large gathering of devotees were simply looking at Rayaru. A dumb youth by seeing Rayaru at that time came running near to Rayaru praising Rayaru, as he immediately attained the power of Speech by the Krupa Karuna Drushti of Rayaru. A lame man also got his legs to walk properly by the Anugraha of Rayaru. At that time a dalit woman came praying to Rayaru that
her eight years old son is suffering from leprosy, kindly cure this disease. Soon Rayaru listened her request and cured. All these Miracles happened before entering the Brindavana Pravesha.
All the satvikas, sajjanas and the devotees of Rayaru were simply worrying, that from tomorrow onwards we cannot see Gururaya, as we are seeing now. The beloved cows of Sri Mutt were simply shedding the tears and gazing Rayaru with deep concern. Even the Elephant kid Laxmi of the Vidya Mutt, though offering chaamara seva to Rayaru, was weeping and weeping. The whole atmosphere was murmuring Raghavendra Raghavendra. Seeing the great personality of Rayaru with Gandha, Tulasi Maala the gathered mass had no words to describe!

A few minutes were left to Rayaru to enter the Brindavana, Rayaru seeing the devotees, smiling raised the hands and blessed them. Looked at the devotees with immense affection and love. Rayaru offered the Padukas to Sri Yogeendrateertharu and asked him to continue the Mutt in the same traditional style:Paatha,Pravachana, Grantha Rachana and Bhakta’s Uddhaara.

Dear Devotees the day has come that I have to disappear from your sight. From tomorrow you cannot see me like this. At the sametime I am not giving up my body(Deha Tyaaga), I will not be away from my body and at the same time I am obeying the Sankalpa of Sri Hari and the prerana of Sri Vayudevaru, so entering the Brindavana today Sa Shareera and stay there for sevenhundred years to Bless the Devotees of the world. As per the order of Sri Hari and Sri Vayudevaru and the opinion of the great Yatis to whom I respect and regard them as guru. They will be always blessing me while sitting in the Brindavana. Do not feel sorry that I am disappearing from your vision.As per the sankalpa of Sri Hari and the blessings of Praanadevaru I will be quite comfortable in the Neela Brindavana. Devotees I assure you that Sri Hari is too kind towards me that Sri Hari will take care of me in the Neela Brindavana when I will be inside with yoga. Do not feel agony. I
am with you always here in M,antralaya. When ever you call me I will immediately listen and solve your problems whether it is small or big. The Brindavana stones are very sacred and most holy.

My successor Sri Yogeendrateertharu will look after the Mutt Vidya Mutt and the same tradition of Paatha Pravachana Grantha Rachana Bhakta’s Uddhaara will be continued. You all have to obey him as you were regarding and respecting towards me. The Punya will be distributed to the devotees by the Anugraha of Sri Hari. Do not feel sorry for my absence. I will be in Mantralaya Neela Brindavana. Sri Narasimhadevaru, Rama, Krishna, Vedavyasadevaru, Jeevottama Vayudevaru’s have ordered me to stay at this Brindavana in the Mantralaya for the uddhaara of the devotees. Mantralaya will be the most sacred place Pavitra Yaatra Sthhala Devotees will acquire all the required chaturvidha purushaartha. Not only Indian devotees, but also the devotees of the world who are living across the sea. My Sri Hari is sarvaswa for me, Sri Hari has provided broad outlook, universal affection to all.

Devotees respect and regard the Vedas,upanishadas,Geeta, Brahmasutra and the philosophy of our Sri SriMadacharyaru. Our Culture, universal mankind always throbs for the welfare of all the chetanas, jeevas as per their ability and nature. We have to worship SriManNarayana.He is the only God who can free from all these births and deaths and impart Moksha to us:


Our divine shruti says this.Sri Hari is the only God to bestow permanent happiness i. e. Moksha.

Sri Hari has to Bless all of us, so I am entering Brindavana sitting with padmaasana in the japa of Sri Hari always. So I am concluding my avatara today on this shraavana bahula bidige. From this day onwards till seven hundred years I will be in the Brindavana as per the adesha of Sri Hari. The accumulated punya and the punya acquired in the japa in the Brindavana is completely reserved for all the devotees of the world, irrespective of caste, creed, religion and nation.

Dear Devotees, please do not have hatred towards other religions and sects. Other caste people they may offer the Naivedya in their own way and style. But our Sri Hari will accept the things which are dear to him in his own form of purity and sanctity. Sri Hari is the only God who can impart Moksha to the able jeevas.Shruti is describing that Sarvottama Sri Hari Narayana is the only God to relieve us from all the sorrows and miseries and take us to Permanent happiness i. e. Moksha:

Narayanosow Paramo Vichintyaha Mumkshubhihi KarmaPaashad Mushmaat.

Devotees in order to fulfill the will and the Desire of Sri Hari, today I am concluding my avatara and stay in the Brindavana for seven hundred years and always engage myself in the Japa of Sri Hari. For this noble task I am entering Brindavana Sa Shareera. As per the Manudharma love and respect your own religious formalities and the traditions with unalterable faith and devotion .Live with peace and harmony. Be kind and courteous to others feelings and ideas. Do not hurt the feelings of others. Don’t be proud, be away from egoism. Think about others act softly, be selfless, polite and kind. We are all the servants of Sri Hari. Always speak true, Universal affection and love of mankind one should have in his life. Respect and regard the elders Stottamaru and Swaottamaru. Repentance feeling one should have when ever he does some mistakes. Be kind towards all the living animals, creatures, maintain good character and always be in touch
of noble philosophy of Sri Madhwacharya which inculcates the real values of life and become a reader of Sadgranthas. Though I enter Brindavana the Granthas of Sri Madacharya,The Teekas of Malkheda Sri Jaiteertharu and the granthas composed by me are all here, read them, follow them and act accordingly.

Dear Devotees today I wish to say that Strong faith belief and devotion towards Sri Hari is the only way to liberate from all the sorrows and worries. Sri Hari is the only omnipotent and omniscient who can impart Chaturvidha Purushaartha to us.


Samaayaat Samaayaat Purushaarthhino Janaaha SamaashrayadhvamasmachreeHrutpadmasthalam Ramaapatim

Devotees you are all desirous of Dharma Artha Kaama Moksha, So pray him,worship him, Ramaapati Laxmipati Sri ManNarayana is in my heart. You will really acquire all the good things in your lifetime.


So Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertharu with great concern and affection addressed in Mantralaya to the gathered mass on that day of Shraavana Bahula Dwiteeya. With smile raised his hands towards the devotees Blessed and gave Abhaya to all.

Then Rayaru climbed the steps of Garbhaalaya one by one while entered the 6x6 square Antarguha, Rayaru holding the hand to Sri Yogeendrateertharu, bade farewell with a smile. spread the krishnajina sat in Padmaasana with Danda Kamandalu and Japamaala. At that moment there are no words to describe shining face of Rayaru with Divine Bliss. Completely involved in the world of Sri Moola Rama,Narahari,Rama,Krishna, Vedavyasa and egaged in the JAPA : OM OM OM OM OM OM holding the Japamaala in the hand. All took the Divya Darshana of Gururayaru. The Omkaara filled the whole universe at that time. Devotees with emotion cried with loud voice:

From now on wards we cannot see you,you will be in this Brindavana, this is your last Darshana:


The Divine Pontiff Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertharu disappeared from our sight, became permanent in the Brindavana of Siddhi Kshetra Mantralaya.

Bichali Sri Appanacharya Priya Mantralaya Sri Raghavendrateertha Gurubhyo Namaha.

Written by Sri Raghavendra Patwari

Disclaimer:  There are no written records exists about Sri Raghavendra Theertha's Life History other than Sri Raghavendra Vijaya. Sri Raghavendra Vijaya does not mention about the last few years of  Sri Raghavendra Swamy's life before entering the brindavana. This article was written by Sri Raghavendra Patwari based on inputs from decedents of Sri Raghavendra Swamy and Sri Appanacharya and other books that may exists.. This article is purely from the perspective of a devotee experiencing the last words of Sri Raghavendra Swamy to his devotees before entering the brindavana. Should you have any questions about this page or article please contact